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277 Fairfield Rd Ste
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Semi Truck Financing
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Buying an 18-wheeler truck or trailer and need a semi-truck loan?
Inspired Funding can get you the Commercial Truck Loan you need!

We are a truck financing company that works with truck drivers,
owners, and fleet operators like you to grow your fleet.

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While driving a truck is a rewarding career, what would it take to own a semi-truck and have complete control over your business? Buying a semi-truck can seem like a giant undertaking, but when you have Inspired Funding on your side, you will find much more success at getting the ball rolling.

It may be challenging to go through a conventional bank to get a commercial truck loan, especially if you have poor credit. Our team at Inspired Funding is familiar with the trucking industry. We can help you find success in buying a semi-truck in no time at all.

Won't Affect Your Credit

Our Process is Quick & Simple

Forget about the stress of financing a semi-truck when you have our team to make the process quick and simple. Then, you can live your dream and reach for the stars, no matter your background or credit score. There is no limit to what you can do when you have our Inspired Funding team to back you up.

We make the steps clear and easy to navigate, so you will not get overwhelmed with the lending process. Review the steps to see how simple the process of buying a semi-truck can be:

1. Complete Funding Application

2. Review the Funding Approval with the Finance Manager

3. Find the Equipment You Want Finance

4. Review Loan Documents

5. Get Funded

Finding the truck of your dreams is right around the corner. Take control of your business by securing a loan for your very own semi-truck. Our team will take the stress out of completing the application. Then meet with our finance manager to ease your worries and give you the good news of your approval.

As you find the perfect semi-truck to fill your business needs, our team will be ready to complete the process. Once the sale goes through, your loan will be funded, and the semi-truck is yours. It may feel too good to be true, but it can all become a reality with the help of Inspired Funding.



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Trailers All Types


Get Started today and put your application through to see if you meet the semi-truck financing requirement. We can take a look at your credit score, talk about down payments, and find the best interest rate for your semi-truck loan. Do not jump to any conclusions until you’ve met with our team at Inspired Funding. We specialize in semi-truck financing for people with all credit scores.

Once we have the loan pre-approved, we can guide you through finding the best semi-truck to buy. Whether you want a new or used semi-truck, we can offer our expertise on reliable makes and models. Learn from our experts in the industry, and you can’t go wrong.


We can assist with our semi-truck payment calculator so you can better understand your purchasing power and what kind of truck you can purchase. Enter your credit profile, and down payment, and the truck finance calculator will do the rest. Then you can see what your monthly payment will look like and if that’s something you can afford each month. Get pre-approved today. No hard inquiries or negative impact on your credit.



Inspired Funding offers four different funding programs so you can choose the best option for your business. If you think owning a semi-truck is impossible for you, know that we make it possible to receive bad credit truck loans or low down payment loans.
Here are a few of the options that we offer:

No matter what kind of funding program works for you, our team will work tirelessly to secure your loan so that you can grow your trucking business.

Won't Affect Your Credit

Don't Rent Your Trailers - Own Them

We help you get rid of rental payments on trailers

If you are currently leasing or renting your trailers, your monthly rent is not investing back into the business. Instead, the payment goes directly into someone else’s pocket while you do all the work. In the same way that renting an apartment does not grow your personal net worth, semi-trailer leasing also does not do any favors to your business.

We offer several trailer leasing options that will fit your budget and help increase equity in your balance sheet. Inspired Funding makes it possible for you to be the owner of the equipment you use while running your business. Even if you are paying monthly payments, the money is going toward building up equity in your business. So invest in yourself by taking the plunge toward owning your own semi-trailers.

Meet with our team at Inspired Funding to walk through your specific path toward owning a semi-trailer. Whether you are a first-time buyer, fleet owner, investor, or someone with bad credit, we offer multiple programs for all funding levels.


What is stopping you from scaling your trucking business? With our fleet financing program, you can buy more semi-trucks and hire more drivers. You can expand your fleet to reach dozens of employees that look up to you for safety and organization.

If you climb the ranks from truck driver to the fleet owner, there is no reason to put a cap on your dreams. Instead, expand your fleet as you buy new or used semi-trucks with Inspired Funding. Our team offers the benefits of getting your foot in the door and purchasing your next semi-truck as a fleet owner.


Inspired Funding recognizes the importance of being proactively involved in our industry through finance associations, and we actively engage them through membership, and participation.

Our Client Testimonials

Giancarlos Rojas
Giancarlos Rojas
1 review
a day ago
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Very good customer service, excellent service, they accompany you throughout the financing process, saving you time and money, grateful to them
Johnny Gonzalez
Johnny Gonzalez
4 reviews
a week ago
Read More
WOW!!THANK YOU MILLY!!!! Not only did she get me approved for my first truck which I’m 100% sure was a mission impossible task being that my credit was terrible at best. She did so in such a caring, understanding and patient manner it truly felt like I was working with a close family member on this deal.Again Thanks Milly for being so down to earth and diligent at what u do while still being empathetic. You don’t see that kind of character now a days, thanks a million!! looking forward to making this the first of many new deals in the near future!!! 💯 stars for MILLY!!!!
alhaji Brima
alhaji Brima
2 reviews
a month ago
Read More
Milly was very professional and helpful throughout the entire process. I will recommend her and inspired funding llc to anyone. She makes the impossible possible. Thanks again Milly you Rock.
Ms. Leveille
Ms. Leveille
3 reviews
5 months ago
Read More
Luz Baldera was always nice and very patient. She took the time to make sure my brother Leo and I understood the process completely. Utopia Investment Company is a small family company. We really appreciated her excellent service. We will definitely recommend Luz at Inspired Funding and will reach out to her when we need more trucks or trailers for our business.
Rut Ortiz Lopez
Rut Ortiz Lopez
1 review
2 years ago
Read More
I purchased my first truck thanks to Inspired Funding LLC. I never thought I could get it done since I have low credit and i just started my own company. Inspired made it happen! I had the nicest agent....Thanks Glenny, you are the best!
Luis miguel Ventura
Luis miguel Ventura
3 reviews <br2 years ago
Read More
José and his team are highly trained professionals. They got me into the truck I needed with a very smooth process. They saved me thousands of dollars on the insurance and interest. Love my payment, and my new truck 🙂 Thank you guys!
Phillips Mahmud
Phillips Mahmud
1 review
2 years ago
Read More
My experience with inspired has been unregretable. I was in need of a van to get my job easier. I am an electrician and was looking to upgraded my vehicle so that I could fit my tools. Inspired was recommended to me by a friend, and all I can say is thank you. I got my van with the monthly payment I wanted and was able to get the loan very fast and easy. Thank you milly and your team for making it possible.