Looking for a Line of Credit for your Small Business?

Inspired Funding, LLC provides New Jersey business owners with unsecured and secured lines of credit that can be used on many different types of business expenses. Our unsecured lines of credit do not require any type of collateral, so you can get access to funds right away, without having to risk losing any of your business assets.

What can you use an unsecured line of credit for? With your line of credit from Inspired Funding, LLC, you can help grow your business through marketing or product development. Having a revolving line of credit also provides you with options should cash flow decrease during slower months. With our unsecured lines of credit, you will have funds available on demand, access to a revolving line of credit which replenishes as you make monthly payments, and an account that grows with your business as your needs change.

At Inspired Funding, LLC, we understand how intimidating securing a loan can be. We also understand that the thought of putting up collateral is unnerving. Are we taking a risk by providing unsecured lines of credit to our customers? Other institutions might think so. But we believe in developing relationships built on trust with every one of our business loan recipients.

No matter the reason for needing an unsecured line of credit in New Jersey, we hope you’ll turn to Inspired Funding, LLC. We’ll be with you every step of the way, from application to approval. We look forward to showing you how an unsecured line of credit can provide you with a safe and simple funding solution for your business.

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