Looking to Finance Equipment for Your Business?

Are you looking to buy new or used New Jersey Commercial Equipment for your business, only to find barriers between you and the cash or credit you need?

You need someone who is aware of the barriers small businesses experience. Inspired Funding was founded by entrepreneurs, so we know what it means to be a small business and what it takes to get them running and growing. We’ve focused on making working capital financing a possibility for small and medium sized businesses so you can focus on building your company.

Whether you’re looking for funding to buy a heavy duty excavator or a portable power generator, we offer equipment leasing and financing tailored to your business needs. Other benefits we offer include: minimal up-front costs, affordable fixed monthly payments, and the ability to sign closing documents on your phone.

Affordability is key for small businesses, so we’ve taken the time to build over fifty strategic funding programs, so we can offer the products and equipment loans your company needs. We merged the strengths of our expert team with the knowledge of our many partners to bring you the solutions you’re looking for.

We’ve streamlined the process to save you time and trouble, so just click on the link at the bottom to get started today. You can begin an application or schedule a call for a more convenient time.

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